Frequently Asked Questions – “FAQ”

Where can you buy Nature’s Fluid natural organic fertilizer?
You can call our sales toll free line at (850) 830-1624 or directly on our shop page.

It is also stocked in Circle H General Store in Cleveland, Sutherlands in Beaumont, and Winnie Farm And Ranch in WnnieTexas. Soon in Liberty and Houston Texas. You can also watch for it at trade shows and farmers markets. This organic plant fertilizer is new and people are just finding out about it.

Can I use Nature’s Fluid on my lawn or hay field?
Yes you can. We now have a grass-hay field formula along with our plant formula. You can look on our testimonial pages to see what great things people are saying about these new products.

What types of studies have been done on Nature’s Fluid?
There have been several studies conducted on Nature’s Fluid by Southern University, Montgomery County Master Gardeners Association and by Dr. Aubrey C. Williams. All the tests that they have completed have come back with positive feed back . They have said that Nature’s Fluid is an amazing micronutrient fertilizer that works very well.

What size containers does Nature’s Fluid come in?
We have it in 8oz, Quarts, Gallons, 5gallon buckets, fifty gallon drums and 250 gallon totes.

Does Nature’s Fluid have monthly special offers?
Yes they do. You can call us at (850) 830-1624 or see the current prices on our web page.

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