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 Again we have on staff,  Dr. A. Williams. He will answer any of  
 your questions you may have. On our (Contact Page)  or 
     contact directly at (850) 830-1624.

He holds the following degrees:

  • Bachelor’s of Chemistry with Biology minor
  • Master’s of Environmental Science - Chemistry
  • Doctor of Philosophy -” Plant and Soil Science

With hundreds of hours logged researching the effects of organic products in greenhouse and field settings, we’re pretty sure he can answer any question you can think up!

Questions and Answers:

1. Charles Brown 
Hello Dr I have hibiscus plants and I keep getting yellow leaves on the plant will this product help it.

2. Ruby 
Most definitely- I highly suggest that you try and you will see results within 7 days.

You can apply Nature Fluid over the plants or apply it directly over the soil and it’s a natural product that has no man made chemical present in the process. 

3. Dr. Williams 
Hello Fred, watering your garden regular is very good thing to do, so that the nutrients and minerals in the soil can easily be uptake by the plant. Watering your plants in humid condition can cause problematic condition that can cause fungus on your plant and cause black spots on your plants leaves.

The easy way to solve this water less, good rule of thumb is to let the soil color become lighter drying out)in color before next watering.
Natures Fluid can help with your problem also; you can apply nature fluid on plants and directly on soil. Natures Fluid will help extract the nutrients from the soil for better plant growth.

4. Dr. Williams 
Hello Charles, the yellow leaves on your plant is what we call spent leaves the nutrient in the leaves lose their color by the lack of sunlight or nutrients.

Check the location of your plant and see if it’s getting enough sun light. 

5. Jeromy Bastrisky
How does Natures fluid product differ from any other liquid fertilizer?

6. Dr. Williams 
Hello Jeromy your question is very complex; Natures Fluid has never been studied in comparison to other liquid fertilizers. Natures Fluid is a micro nutrient that stimulates plant growth; by definition it uses small quantity of nutrients (N, P, and K) to help grow plants. Natures Fluid showed its beneficial properties in the green house study that we performed. It verifies the label strong points because it was done in a control environment. We were able to get results, which we could not get in a field study. Field study has been done with Natures Fluid and if you want the data we can share it with you. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have email:
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