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Nature’s Fluid was discovered by Mr. William “Bill” Strange. Bill lives in Brownsboro Texas on his 100 acre farm. He takes pride in growing his gardens and was trying to find a fertilizer that is chemical free and easy to use by anyone. Bill has a natural gift of invention. He has invented many things in the past but the latest one is Nature’s Fluid. 

Bill wanted a fertilizer that was all natural, all organic, easy to use and cost effective. So he set out to create just that product. After many years of trials and errors can you guess what happened next? He created Nature’s fluid. It’s made of Hummus and Manure Extract. The special proprietary process he uses to make it kills pathogens and suspends the nutrients for a (safe) indefinite shelve life.

Bill now has on staff Dr. Aubrey C. Williams. Dr. Williams has completed many of the tests that have been required in the manufacturing of the product.  

Dr. Williams holds the following degrees which are well suited to support Nature’s Fluid:

Bachelor’s ----- Chemistry with Biology minor
Master’s ---- Environmental Science ---- Chemistry
Doctor of Philosophy ---- Plant and Soil Science

Dr. Williams’ has logged hundreds of hours researching the effects of organic products in greenhouse and in field settings. He ranks Nature’s Fluid as his “Number 1”choice in today’s market.  

He is here to help answer any questions you may have in your gardening needs. He can help solve your problems. Just 

Ask The Doc and he will get back to you as soon as possible. 

At Nature’s Fluid we care about all of our customers and want to provide the best service possible. We are looking forward hearing from you. Please feel free to call us at our toll free order line (903-571-1787) for more information about our product.
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